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Let’s Talk About Weight?

It’s legal in 49 states to discriminate against a person for their weight. There have been multiple studies done around plus size people in the work force, and they all come to the same conclusions. Plus size people are less likely to be recruited, hired less, more likely to be overlooked for a promotion or raise, and statistically make less money than their straight size co-workers.

There are these stereotypes that plus size people are lazy, lack will power, and even that they are less intelligent, and I’m here to tell you none of those are true. As an adult, I’ve been a size 4, a size 20, and I’m currently a size 14. I have the exact same mind, the same ideas, and the same intelligence now, at a size 14, that I had when I was a size 20.

Let’s start talking about this. Let’s break down this bias, whether intentional or not. We have some of the most brilliant minds I have ever been around working for my company, and we might be unintentionally holding people back or making them feel excluded from the team, just because of what their bodies look like.

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